Link Building

More businesses today have the interest of online exposure. When we talk about online exposure, it’s not simply signing up for a social media account nor having a business website. Getting into the online world entails ranking. The web is as congested as the world we live in. Thus, there has to be a race for who gets to be more exposed than the others.

One of the best ways to get ranked on the search engines is to do link building activities. Link building can be done in various ways such as adding keyword links within quality and uniquely written articles. The keywords are usually related to the niche or type of business you intend to promote. These keywords will be assigned with links that lead back to your website or page. Contents with keyword links will be submitted to Web 2.0 properties and article submission websites with manually added links.

Gone are the old days of blasting backlinks with the use of link building tools – the black hat way. While the said tactic worked for good website ranking in the past, none of those works well anymore. This is because strict search engine algorithms have been implemented to monitor SEO activities and are designed to automatically penalize websites once they fail the standards.

Our team implements all manually created backlinks and posts to Web 2.0 properties. We make sure that the posts we create for you are all professionally done with proper formatting. Keyword staffing is a big no for us.

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