Fast Website Creation

Some business owners out there get too excited with getting a website up and ready, but they don’t have the time and knowledge to do so. A complex website which requires a lot of features may take more development time than a basic website. A basic website is plain and simple – where you only need your logo, photos and write-ups about your business.

Most of the basic websites you can find today are created with the use of WordPress. Different types of businesses also differ in their website needs. The complexity of a website is also based on how imaginative you are and how you want your website to look and perform.

If you are here and plan to have a basic website which can give a full profile or your product or business, then we are the right team for you! To give you an overview of a typical $250 basic website, below are the inclusions:

  • WordPress Installation
  • Free/Client provided theme installation and basic customization (favicon, logo, sliders)
  • 4 pages
  • Contact Us
  • Monthly one-time update
  • Add-ons: Hosting and Domain ($35 per year)

All you have to do is visit our contact page and give us an overview of what you need. Our friendly support team would be glad to respond in 24 hours!